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Prefer being cosseted by an ultra-plush, cloud-like mattress that’s still on the firm side, then look no further than the Nectar Mattress. Another bed-in-a-box, the mattress arrives well-packaged with all the instructions you’ll need for proper use and care.

Made from better quality foam material, the mattress is priced much lower than most of its competitors. But make no mistake, its either of the same quality or much better when stacked against each one of them.

The mattress has a memory foam quilted into its bottom cover with another thin layer of memory foam running underneath it. The design allows it to contour really well, besides working to ensure it doesn’t produce the same hug as most memory foam mattresses on the market today.

The Nectar mattress is also billed for lacking the sink-in feel associated with most mattresses, which when combined with the gel memory foam, make it one of the coolest memory foam mattresses one can buy.

Overall, the mattress scores astonishingly well for both comfort and value. It relieves pressure and all the body contours you’re likely to experience.

Worth mentioning is the traditional gentle hug that allows you to gently sink into the foam, without losing any of the support that comes with a firm mattress. The cozy pillow-top like feel will also be working to ensure you have all the comfort you need in a mattress .

Coupon Code

The mattress also score it big in terms of value. In addition to being affordable by many, we did a bang on job scouring the net for a Nectar Mattress coupon code that you can use to get a huge cut off the original price and save a huge chunk on your hard earned cash.

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