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I have always wanted to buy myself this mattress so I took advantage of their sales and give always. Some of the best times of the year to buy them are holidays like labor day, memorial days and black Fridays So I would try luck every single opportunity I get. I decided to go for a coupon hunting spree from coupon codes sites to coupon clipping which was complicated for me. But after learning the search criteria I was able to get the codes and get a good discount, when searching for codes search by store or store category for credible results.

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After a tiring day full of hustles and bustles everyone wants to come home to a warm, cuddly soft bed. This is where you spend a substantial amount of time resting so you will have to choose a very cozy environment to have a good night rest. People have different preferences when it comes to the mattresses they sleep on some like them firm others soft. When selecting one has to consider a number of factors:

1)sleeping position
2)any health condition especially spine problems
3)body weight
4)bed temperatures

One would be satisfied to find a mattress that takes into consideration all these and Lyla mattress got you covered. They have a mattress that is double sided memory foam and has a cover made of polyester. It is available in all standard sizes with a height of 10 inches. With distinct layers of one-inch comfort layer of infused copper memory foam,4.5 “of polyfoam, two inch layer of convoluted support foam and three-inch comfort layer of plush. The cover made of polyester gives it a shiny attractive look which you can blend with colors of your bedroom and it is also very durable.

It has a flappable design which attracts people because they can have different firmness to rest their bodies. This also caters for all kinds of sleeper’s stomach side, back side and side only. Apart from the fact that the copper infusion offers therapeutic benefits it has rapid heat transferring benefits that help regulate temperatures preventing sleep loss that comes with too much warmth. Individuals who have extra weight appreciate this mattress because it is able to support pressure. Durability of the mattress is guaranteed because of the high quality material used to make it and also its thickness. It has a lifetime warranty; they repair or replace it if it is found to be defective. They give their customers a 120 night’s sleep trial, in an event you don’t like it they remove it and refund your entire purchase price.