Getting A Good Nights Rest

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Having regular exercise and a healthy diet is as good as having a good night’s sleep. Having a poor sleep will negatively affect your exercise performance, hormones, and brain function. Lack of enough sleep can also increase disease risk and weight gain for both adults and children. But the funny part is that good sleep can enable you to exercise better, eat less, and be healthier.

Sleep quality and quantity have declined over the past few decades and many people get poor sleep regularly. A good night’s sleep will enable you to optimize your health. It is also one of the most important things which you can do if you want to lose weight. Many things can interfere with your night’s sleep. Think of these factors from family responsibilities and work stress to unexpected challenges like illnesses. These are the reason that can tell us why our sleep quality is sometimes elusive.

Sometimes controlling these factors which affect our sleep quality is hard, but you can develop some habits which can encourage better sleep. Here are simple tips you can start with;

a. Stick to a sleep schedule

You need to set aside utmost eight hours for sleep. A healthy adult needs at least seven hours to sleep and so you don’t need more than eight hours to achieve this goal. For you to achieve this, you just need to go to your bed and get up at the same time each day. You need to be consistent with your sleeping time, and this will reinforce your sleep-wake cycle.

You can also leave your bedroom when you don’t fall asleep within 20 minutes on your bed. You can leave your bedroom and do something which can soothe you. You can listen to your favorite soothing music or read a novel. When you’re tired, then you can go to your bed. You can repeat these things as needed. Use heavy curtains to block outside’s light or an eye mask to block light. Set a cool temperature between 60 and 75-degree F and ensure your bedroom is ventilated. Keep your pet outside your bedroom that normally wakes you during the night. Limit the activities that take place in your bedroom to sex and sleep only.

b. Create a calming environment

You can create your bedroom which is ideal for sleeping. This means that your room must be cool, dark and quiet. When you expose yourself to light, you may have some challenges falling asleep. You can avoid using light-emitting screens some minutes before bedtime. Electronic devices such as computers and smartphones emit large amounts of blue light. This light will reduce hormones like melatonin that will enable you to relax and get a deep sleep.