Eight Smart Mattress Coupon Code

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The Eight Smart Mattress makes use of proprietary technology to monitor a user’s sleep pattern, wake up a person in the morning, and connect one to other compatible smart appliances in the house. For instance, it can prompt the coffee maker to prepare a cup of coffee immediately the user wakes up. The sleep tracker is usually placed on its smart cover and is integrated into an app that records the data. The cover is placed around the chest region, and it is water-resistant.

The 10-inch mattress is divided into four layers. The top layer is a 2-inch layer made of reactive pol foam. It offers more bounce and feels like foam. The second layer is a 2-inch contouring memory foam that works hand in hand with the upper layer to maintain mobility and allow the user to gain from the benefits of memory foam. The third layer is a 2-inch transition polyfoam that focuses on support and proper weight distribution. The fourth layer is a 4-inch support base that offers a durable foundation. It is breathable and has properties to provide the allowed level of firmness to help the mattress maintain its integrity and shape.

Finding the eight smart mattress coupon code was not easy, some sellers do not require coupon codes before selling the product. Also, some of the codes expire after a given period, so they will be of no use if they are not used immediately.