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How We Got The Coupon Code

For the best night’s sleep in your life; Eco Terra Mattress is just what the doctor ordered! Not only does it provide you with comfort and support but, will lessen your chronic pain as well. It’s been hard work doing the online research and we’ve foundEco Terra Mattress Coupon codes to give you an added discount. Making this mattress extra affordable and well worth looking into.

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Available in a variety of sizes the Eco Terra Mattress provides you with total body support from head to toe. This is due to its many layers of special high-quality materials like copper; which acts as a thermal system that keeps you cool while peacefully sleeping.

Eco Terra Mattress Composition

When a person puts pressure upon the Eco Terra Mattress the copper cells within the layers of memory foam begin to compress and cause an interaction of sorts. Thus, resulting in an instant firming response as the body sinks further into the mattress. Also known as (Variable Support), it gives you a heavenly sensation of being on a plush cottony cloud. Only with added support for your back, shoulders, and hips. Infused with the copper cells, this mattress provides you with an excellent nights sleep regardless of your body’s positioning.

The Eco Terra Mattress layers of material include:

* Three-inch copper infused memory foam
* Two-inch convoluted support foam
* Four in a half base support foam
* One-inch copper infused memory foam

Benefits Of Mattress

1. Antimicrobial Properties

Copper has an ability to fight microbes like various types of molds, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Making it an ideal mattress for those who suffer night-sweats or drool in their sleep! Thus, keeping the mattress clean and smelling fresh.

2. Therapeutic

Scientific studies have proven that the Eco Terra Mattress is backed up with healing properties. And many consumers state that it gave them a significant relief from pain after the first night of sleeping upon it. Making the mattress a worthwhile investment to make.