Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide

Our mattress buyer's guide provides detailed mattress reviews and recommendations. We evaluate the leading brands and offer exclusive promo codes to match.

Buying a mattress online presents one obvious challenge. You can’t lay down on the mattress while you're shopping online. That is why most mattress companies provide generous guarantee periods and make it easy for you to get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product that you ordered. 

It is also why service, and commitment to a satisfying customer experience, weighs heavily in our recommendations.

We recognize that reviewing and ranking are more an art than a science. We read and learn from all the other mattress reviews online, especially those provided by the best consumer agencies. They are all quick to point out that reviews are subjective, and one person’s definition of firm is another’s soft and on and on. See the Read More tab on each product coupon for more detailed information about each mattress offered by our coupon sponsors.

Why we say
"Let's Make

it Easy"

Rather than send you down a dozen rabbit hole trying to look at all the rankings and ratings and watching countless YouTube videos about this or that unpacking experience, we suggest you begin by selecting the type of mattress you prefer. We see step one as deciding between 1) Hybrid type or 2) Pure memory foam

We admit that we have mattress bias and that our top rated mattress (DreamCloud) is a Hybrid. We think most people will be more comfortable on a Hybrid because they provide more support and deliver the temperature control features of foam or gel mattresses. 

Why we love Hybrid Mattresses

About five years ago I was a guest at the home of my brother Paul. He and his wife Toni had recently purchased a new mattress and they were raving about how comfortable the mattress was and how Paul felt it was helping to alleviate his “golfers back”. This was my first exposure to a Hybrid mattress.

"My wife Rhonda and I sleep on a Hybrid and we love it! When people ask me what type of mattress I recommend I always suggest a Hybrid"


Hybrid mattresses use a combination of mattress components in order to provide benefits you can’t get when you use only one component. Typically, hybrid mattresses include memory foam, latex, and innerspring mattress components. Here is how they work together:

Often these components are layered

to provide an amazing sleep experience

that you cannot recreate with fewer components.

Memory Foam

At least two inches on the top providing comfortable cushioning that conforms neatly to your shape.

Pocketed Coils

Coils provide a flat and even surface with good support at the edge of the mattress. This feature provides a feeling of stability and control and is key to relieving stress and reducing aches and pains.


A layer of latex provides bounce, extra give, and more contouring.

Hybrid Features

Better Motion

isolation so you don't bounce

if your sleep partner does.

Less Noise

because pocketed coils have a

noise abatement quality.

Better Temperature Control

an element of the

memory foam layer.

Removable Cover

for breathability and

ease of cleaning.

We think that most customers will benefit from the comfort and support provided by a Hybrid Mattress. If you walk into a showroom in a retail store you will find the price point of a Hybrid mattress to be higher and maybe more than you want to spend. When you buy online and use our coupons, the Hybrid sleep experience is now much more affordable. That is why our top two recommended products are Dreamcloud and Luma Sleep Hybrids.

Why the

Top Selling Brand

is not a Hybrid

Just because we love Hybrids doesn’t mean they are the right fit for everyone. Multilayer all foam mattresses are extremely popular and are a better lifestyle choice for many.

Let’s be honest, price is a big reason why the multilayer foam mattress is so popular.  The lower price point is appealing to many, especially if they are more on mobile and want an easy to move mattress. Mattresses like Nectar are relatively easy to unbox and deploy. Lots of adjustable and versatile frames and platforms work with this style mattress.

To their credit many manufactures have figured out how to provide a level, edge firm sleep experience without using pocketed coils. Many customers provide very favorable reviews and some of these brands have an almost cult like following. These memory foam mattresses feature:

Softer Mattress Experience

Great Temperature Control

Lower Cost

Versatility and Ease of Use

We offer coupons for several high-quality multilayer foam products including Nectar, and Zombie Beds. Eight Smart mattress products deliver sleep performance features and state of the art technology for controlling temperature. Some of our most popular companies offer both hybrid and pure foam products so you can choose your favorite brand and favorite type of mattress.

Eco Terra is an example of a high-quality company with great service that has both hybrid and pure foam mattress options. Their use of copper infused fabric adds another dimension for those seeking a mattress designed to assist with pain relief. 

We hope we added some clarity to what can be a complex decision. Our goal is to make it easier for you to make your buying decision. For more information about each of the mattresses listed on our site see the Read More tab listed on each coupon. 

Please use one of our coupons to make your final choice and we guarantee your savings. Follow our service guides provided with each coupon and let us know if we can serve you further.


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