Bear Mattress Coupon Code

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The Bear mattress is wrapped in a black and white cover that’s made to be thin and breathable. This cover is made of a material called celliant which is commonly used in sporting apparel. This mattress cover is not removable.

Any typical Bear mattress is composed of four layers within the cellient cover. The graphite memory foam aids with keeping the body cool. The comfort and performance foam layer gives the mattress a bit of bounce and pressure relief respectively. They ensure that you don’t sink into the bed and put a softer layer between the memory foam and the base. The final layer is made of firm and sturdy poly-foam that adds durability.

This high-quality mattress offers an incredible sleep experience. The celliant cover is designed to convert the body’s energy to infrared light which makes for a more comfortable night’s rest and increased energy during the day. The Bear mattress contours to your body and offers peak spinal alignment, and relief from back and muscle pain. This mattress does sleep cool, so waking up hot and sweaty during the night isn’t a concern.

The Coupon Code

For all of the great things that this mattress immediately offers, the coupon code is not one of them. Finding the Bear mattress coupon code involved a lot of poking around the internet and visiting many websites that sell high-quality mattresses and bedding supplies. And even then the sites that typically offer coupons for bedding make little or no mention of the Bear mattress.